About Dr.Zeus

Dr.Zeus alias Baljit Singh was born on 23rd of March. ‘Zeus’ was the name given to him by his close school buddies. Being an admirer of Dr.Dre Zeus added a prefix to his name and became ‘Dr. Zeus’ defining himself as the Doctor of Music. At 16, Zeus started a DJ group called ‘BASS IN YOUR FACE’. He began his professional career in 1999 with his album Pure Garage - Sue My Ass song followed by his Debut solo album "The High Life" in 2001 and many more hits like; Unda Da Influence, The Street Remixes, Back Unda Da Influence.


Zeus created many super hit songs like ‘Kangna’, ‘Jugni Ji’, ‘Lovely’ for the film ‘Happy New Year’ and launched many contemporary singers like Zora Randhawa, Kanika Kapoor and have worked with Amrindar Gill, Jazzy on his super hit songs. His latest song ‘Woofer’ is the biggest International Punjabi Hip-Hop collaboration featuring the Zora Randhawa, Rap King Snoop Dogg, and the Bollywood beauty Nargis Fakhri, created with a mission to promote Punjabi language globally in collaboration with Being U studios!

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